Tiefling Alchemist


Secreted in a hidden laboratory deep within the bowels of one of the many arcane universities found in Nex’s capital city Quantium, a wizard experimented. Obsessed with the interbreeding of outsiders and humanoids he mastered the art of planar binding, bringing all manner of beings to his lab and allowing (or forcing in some cases) them to copulate with the poor women he had obtained from slavers (or occasionally captured off the street when supplies ran low) for these purposes, in order to produce never-before-seen creatures. Usually those he summoned were only too happy to dispose of his victims when they had performed their function, though occasionally he had to do the dirty work himself, which is why he kept this project a secret from his superiors.

His latest interest was discovering exactly how many generations it took to transform the offspring of a true evil outsider from a half-fiend to the lesser potent tiefling. Ironically, the auspicious number thirteen would turn out to be both his lucky and unlucky number. It was this many generations before he produced his first true tiefling, but it would also be his last.

Sakevras was born into horror, pain, and death. His mother, kidnapped from her tribe of desert nomads by a band of hobgoblin raiders, died during childbirth. Mad with the hubris of his success, the wizard attempted the almost-impossible task of summoning a pit-fiend to rid him of her body. Whether due to a mistake in the ritual or a poorly-worded command, the powerful devil easily escaped the binding and claimed the conjurer instead, before teleporting back to hell.

Alone and hungry, the infant tiefling was guided by instinct to the only food available, his deceased mother. That sustenance did not last long, and he would have died of starvation had it not been for the university’s policy of doing a complete campus inventory every 10 years. During an inspection of the basement laboratories, the head chancellor discovered a room part surgery, part torture chamber. On the blood-soaked floor, he found the horned infant gnawing on an ominous femur. The copious detailed notes the wizard had kept were the only testimony as to what had been going on.

The chancellor took the child in and raised him as his ward. Over the years he exhibited a keen intellect, and took full advantage of the vast knowledge and resources the college provided. He chose the name Sakevras randomly from an ancient tome because he liked the way it sounded. Interested in his origin, he spent much time studying the various outer planes, trying without success to pinpoint his exact ancestry. He also discovered during this time a great interest in the ancient science of alchemy.

Developing much slower than most humanoids, he eventually outlived his adopted parents. He was given a small inheritance to live on while he continued his studies, and was lucky to live in one of the few places on all of Golarion that was accepting of all races and species. There was a downside to this, however, in that he was completely unprepared for the heavy discrimination he would face when he eventually ventured outside Nex for the first time.

But that was in the future. For now he was oblivious to those dangers, content to read his books of arcana and lore. Eventually Sakevras grew tired of student life and, due to his increasing obsession with arcane science, found himself in the alchemical oasis of Oenopian. In his years there he spent time honing all aspects of the craft, learning and working under the finest alchemists in all of Nex. It was there he developed his interest in the teachings of the church of Nethys. His mentor at the time was a devout worshiper who showed him the wisdom of revering magic of all kinds, and how harnessing one’s own magical essence and infusing it into alchemy results in a much more potent substance. Later he would also witness first-hand the dangers of accepting the corrupting alchemical knowledge of the demon-lord Haagenti, and vowed never to succumb to that abyssal lure.

Over the years he developed an admiration for fire, and also a special talent for using and crafting it alchemically. He learned of a tribe of goblins in southern Varisia that were especially “creative” in their use of fire. Having attained competency in the various trades of alchemy available in Oenopion, he decided to travel to the faraway land of Avistan across the Inner Sea. Though his fiendish heritage was a severe handicap, his coin managed to obtain him passage on various ships.

After changing ships in the Osiriani capital of Sothis, Sakevras stopped briefly in the Thuvian city-state Merab, learning from the city’s alchemists of the sun orchid flower and the life-extending elixir produced from it. He vowed someday to return to this land and learn the heavily guarded secret formula. Continuing on to Westcrown in southern Cheliax, he narrowly avoided being mobbed by angry ignorant residents. Eventually he landed in Magnimar, where he found a ship en route to the small town of Sandpoint, the closest point of civilization to his intended subjects, the goblin tribes of the Lost Coast.

Initially Sakevras was received coldly, occasionally hostilely, by the residents of Sandpoint, but in time he proved not to be a threat to the town. He even managed to win over a couple of them, most notably Ameiko Kaijitsu, which has earned him a grudging respect from most. When not in the field watching goblins, Sakevras can usually be found at her tavern, The Rusty Dragon.


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